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Picayune, Mississippi 39466

Free Bibles to Chaplains for Prisoners

A ministry of the Lee’s Chapel #2 Baptist Church

Paul E. Lee

Rev. Paul E. Lee



In a very brief form:

The Prisoners Bible Crusade was born of a burden of Brother Chester C. Lee, a Christian Lay-worker in the Leetown community east of Picayune, Mississippi, USA.  In 1972 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that capital punishment was unconstitutional, meaning that states could not execute any one for crimes they had committed.  The state of Florida said that they were not going to abide by that ruling.  At the time Florida had 92 men on death row in Raiford , Florida.  This was big news at that time and Brother Lee hearing about the people on death row became burdened from God about them.  He and his wife, “Miss Effie” went to the local TG &Y store and order 100 Bibles and sent them to the prison Chaplain at the Union Correctional Prison at Raiford, Florida in time for Christmas of 1972.
God continued to burden them for people in prisons without Holy Bibles, the Word of God.  On May 4, 1973 they made a visit to Union Correctional Prison at Raiford, met with the Chaplain and spoke in the chapel to prison Inmates.  We count this trip by Brother Chester C. Lee and Miss Effie as the beginning of the Prisoners Bible Crusade.  God used Brother and Sister Lee to begin a great work in His Kingdom, that of giving God’s Holy Word, the Bible to prison Inmates In the USA.  As of 12/31/2013 214,447 Bibles have been donated to Prisoners across our land.  A total of 633,353 Bibles and Christian literature has been given to Prisoners in 38 years.  The giving of God’s Holy Word is made possible by God’s Grace and Christians giving their prayerful support to this Bible Ministry.


    We solicit the prayers and financial support of Churches and individual Children of God to carry on this ministry of giving Bibles to prison Inmates across our land.  This ministry operates for the glory of God.  Our prayer is that our God will use it to place His Holy Word into the hands of prison Inmates across our land and that the Holy Spirit will use the Word of God to save Many, Many lost men and women in prisons.  We are thankful for your prayers, monthly financial support and generous love offering
We buy new Bibles and materials and give them free of any charge to the Chaplains for the Prisoners.  There has been some Bibles given to us for which we are thankful to our Lord because it helps to increase the number of Bibles that we give.  If you feel led of God the give Bibles to the Prisoners Bible Crusade if possible send new bibles, although we will receive any soft back cover King James Version of God’s Word for Prisoners.
Please Note!  If you send used Bibles to us please remove all names, Addresses, & etc. from inside the Bibles.
We ask every child of God as you feel led of the Lord to help us with this part of the great commission that God has assigned to His churches, that is taking the Gospel of salvation found in God’s Holy Word behind prison walls.  Since most   of God’s children cannot go into the prisons we ask that you let us be your link to send the Word of God to a waiting Prisoner.

Our mailing address is:
Prisoners Bible Crusade, P. O. Box 696, Picayune, MS 39466-0696