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When we have a result opposite to the expected result we call it “Backfired.” When I was a young teenager, I used to drive combines cutting grain. When we stopped for the day, we used to play, running around trying to throw water on each other. While filling my water cup I heard someone coming up behind me I threw the water over my shoulder, hitting the old farmer right in the face. “Backfired”, Donnie.

In the Book of Esther we read of Haman, chief minister of King Ahasuerus (Akh-asbvay-rosh’) who hated a Jew named Mordecai. His wife and friends told him to build gallows and have Mordecai hung (Esther 5:14) In Esther 7:9, 10 we read where the king said “Hang him thereon. So they hung Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai”. “Backfired”, Haman.

Satan thought he had finally won the battle when they nailed Jesus to the cross. But, Jesus conquered death and made death His footstool. “Backfired”, Satan.

Colossians 2:14, Paul speaks of how God wiped out the charges that were brought against us and nailed them to the cross. “Backfired” on Satan again.

Take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus.

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