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Years ago, living close to Corpus Christi Texas, I read a story of a man managing a draw bridge for a railroad during the night shift. Opening the bridge to allow a ship to pass, he was so involved in reading a book, he forgot to close the bridge. Hearing the train whistle miles away, he began to pull the leaver’s which failed. Grabbing his lantern, running up the track, he shouted STOP, STOP, STOP. The train passed and crashed into the canal. Found not guilty because of mechanical error, he walked the floor unable to sleep. One night, he broke down telling his wife, “I forgot to light the lantern”.

Could this be the problem with America today? America full of professed to be born again believers, yet fail to shine for the LORD. Matthew 5:14 – “Ye are the light of the world”

By Donnie Shetter

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