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A poor man applied for a job saying he was ready to do anything that would
give him an honest living.  His employer said, “Ok, you take that pile of
stones that you see in the end of the lot and carry them to the other side
and pile them up just as they are now.”  The man did his job and received
his wages.  The next morning he returned and worked faithfully every day
for a week, carrying stones from one place to another without a murmur or

Many men would have objected to doing the work over and over.  Years ago, I
asked for a job just as this man.  I was given a pick and a shovel and told
to dig a ditch about 50 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 3 feet deep.  Off to
the side was parked a backhoe.  I asked my boss, “Why can’t this be dug by
the backhoe?”  He said, “I could take you back home and use my backhoe.”  I
kept digging.

The LORD wants servants such as the poor man, serve without objection.

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