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Missions & Revolving Loan Fund Department

Missions Department
The purpose of this department is to preach the Gospel of Christ, to establish churches throughout Mississippi and other areas. We also cooperate with other departments of the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi and work with local associations, other state associations and the Baptist Missionary Association of America in the preaching of the Gospel to all the world.

The Director of Missions, Bro. Larry Geraldson, along with the Missionary Committee work together to promote the work and selection of missions and missionaries. They also work with the other departments and churches to help carry out the work of missions. Missionary Committeemen are: Bro. Dennis Knight (Chairman), Bro. Gary Smith, Bro. James Sprayberry, Bro. Wexford Parmer, Bro. Billy Ferrel, Bro. Ted Quinby (Clerk), Dr. Kevin Clayton,  Bro. Johnny Williams, and Bro. Jeff Dixon. Funding for the Missions Department is provided through the regular contributions of the local churches and associations, individual contributions or gifts, and our annual Special Missions Emphasis during the months of April and May. This funding provides for missionary salaries, missions support, staff salaries, mission facilities, supplies, office expenses and utilities. Phone numbers, addresses and other information of all BMA of MS missionaries, departments, churches, and pastors can be acquired on this site or at our office. Also the addresses and phone numbers of the BMA of America, North American missionaries, International missionaries as well as other information can be acquired. However, we are not responsible for any contributions to the BMA of America. Such contributions should be sent directly to their office.

Revolving Loan Fund

The Revolving Loan Fund is designed as an in-house financial resource church ministry to aid BMA missions and churches that are seeking financing. The concept of the Revolving Loan Fund evolved in a time when the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi mission projects suffered greatly due to a lack of financial collateral to buy property and construct buildings of worship.

This ministry is not a commercial lending institution and does not seek funding or investments outside the realm of the churches and associations of the Baptist Missionary Association. The Revolving Loan Fund is used by churches or associations which need to acquire loans to purchase property, construct sanctuaries, family life centers, parking lots, or in purchasing church vans, buses, etc. It is through this fund that many of our local churches have been constructed. Investment accounts can be setup with the Revolving Loan Fund by BMA churches, associations or individuals. An investment account may be opened by visiting the Missions Office, requesting by mail, or downloading the necessary application form and returning it with proper signatures and the initial investment. All decisions concerning the Revolving Loan Fund are made by careful consideration of the Director of the Revolving Loan Fund, Larry Geraldson; the Revolving Loan Fund Trustees, Chairman Kenneth Lott, Vice Chairman Larry Welborn, Clerk Bro. Roy Caldwell, Trustee Bro. Willie Tebo, Trustee Larry Taylor, Trustee Justin Cameron, Trustee Vernon Newman, and Trustee Greg Jones.

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